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About us

About us

Our philosophy


The idea for the Crankk brand was born on a sunny day in a city center pub frequented by many cyclists. Until now, when cycling in the city, you had to make a sacrifice: either you looked like a lost Tour de France rider or your saddle destroyed your new pants. No more! In the unique Crankk cycling apparel, thanks to our special design, you will look like a human being and feel comfortable, even on longer rides. Don’t have a bike? No problem, in our clothes you’ll look like you do ?
Creating the Crankk brand, we aimed to combine the benefits of professional cycling gear with urban trends. Our products are a unique fusion of both worlds. On one hand, you’ll feel comfortable as you traverse the urban jungle on your bike, and on the other hand, you’ll fit right into the current fashion trends. Your friends will be surprised to discover that your clothes incorporate bike-specific features.

Technology and style

Crankk technology encompasses a special pants design that allows for easy insertion and removal of a cycling pad, along with high-quality eco-friendly fabrics. If you don’t plan to bike on a particular day, you can move freely in Crankk clothes just like any other non-cycling garments. Our wide and continuously improving range of products ensures that you’ll find cycling apparel for every occasion and weather condition.
Crankk style is characterized by an informal character and the highest quality in every detail. We invite like-minded cycling enthusiasts and individuals who feel and set contemporary trends to collaborate on our designs. All our products are meticulously crafted with unique graphics created by our graphic designer from San Francisco.
Crankk cycling apparel is made in Europe using the finest and eco-friendly materials. At every stage of production, we pay special attention to the quality and aesthetics of the final product. All our cycling pants are equipped with professional cycling inserts supplied by leading European manufacturers.
The entire range available at Crankk Casual Cycling Wear store is the result of combining our philosophy, technology, and style. We offer incredibly functional cycling apparel that not only provides comfort during bike rides but also exudes style in line with the latest trends. Our clothing is available for both men and women, and the wide range of products allows you to find the right outfit for every occasion and weather condition.
Trust Crankk Casual Cycling Wear and experience comfort, style, and professionalism all in one. Whether you cycle daily or only occasionally, our clothing will be the perfect companion for your cycling adventures and more. Treat yourself to comfort and a fashionable look – choose Crankk.