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Our philosophy

The philosophy behind Crankk was formed – like many of the best ideas – on a sunny day in a bar in the centre of a city. After watching the cyclists, looking at what they wore and how it affected their experience of the bike, we realised there needed to be a brand with products suited to their needs. We imagined apparel that was uniquely associated with cycling, and with the technical qualities to ensure comfort and casual style.

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Each cycle ride needs the right attire. You wear performance cycling gear when going for a 100km ride on your road bike, but for a quick trip to meet friends in a bar or café you wear casual clothes. The problem is your regular street clothes are probably not that comfortable to ride in – especially on a longer route. We spent a lot of time checking what urban cyclists wear. It turned out that there are no products that strike a balance between the functionality of cycling clothing and fashionable design.

When we created Crankk we wanted to mix the advantages of professional cycling outfits and urban fashion. Our products are a unique combination of both worlds. On one hand you feel comfortable conquering the urban jungle, and on the other you’ll fit perfectly into current trends.

Utility, style, responsibility

The mix of utility and style is at the heart of Crankk’s design philosophy. Whether on a bike or not, you’ll love wearing Crankk clothes every day. If you don’t plan to use your bicycle don’t worry, Crankk clothes are as comfortable and stylish as any other non-cycling casual apparel.

We love working with cycling enthusiasts like ourselves, and with those who understand and define current trends. All our products are carefully designed and contain unique graphics created by Caleb Kozlowski, a design director (and cycling enthusiast) working in San Francisco.

Crankk products are made in Europe with the very best eco-friendly materials. At each stage of production we pay special attention to the quality and look of the final piece. Our range is getting bigger all the time, so you can have something awesome to wear, on your bike or off, for any occasion, whatever the weather.



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